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Discography and Music of Ego Likeness and Side Projects

Download all available Ego Likeness songs in one big Zip File here.

2010 || Metropolis Records (US) || Dependent Records (EU)

1. Sirens And Satellites
2. Breedless
3. Inferno
4. Now Until Forever
5. The Devils In The Chemicals
6. Song For Samael
7. South
8. The Lowest Place On Earth
9. Everything Is Poison
10. Seance
11. The Queen Of All Things Taken
12. Thirty Year War

2009 || Self-Released || Purchase CD

1. North
2. The Neverending Story (The Dark Clan feat. Donna Lynch)
3. Weave (Anathema Device Remix)
4. Raise your Red Flags (The Machine in the Garden Remix)
5. Down by the Water (PJ Harvey Cover)

The third of four EPs.


2008 || Self-Released || SOLD OUT

1. Sirens and Satellites (Watch the video)
2. I Live on What's Left (2008)
3. Burn Witch Burn (Hypofixx Remix)
4. The Egg of the Mother (Recorded in 2002, this is the drastically
different original version of "Save your Serpent")
5. Severine (Sidhe Mix by Hopeful Machines)

The second of four EPs. This Limited Edition EP is sold out.
The songs will be available again at a later date.

The Lowest Place on EarthThe Lowest Place On Earth
2008 || Self-Released || Purchase CD

1. The Lowest Place on Earth (Download song)
2. I'm Not Mary Ann
3. Oceans & Bridges
4. Second Skin (2007) (Download song)

The first single from the full length album, Breedless.



2007 || Self-Released || SOLD OUT

1. South (Download song)
2. Second Skin (2007) (Download Song)
3. Burn Witch Burn (Angelspit Remix)
4. Aviary (e.a. rowe Remix)
5. Funny Olde World (Download song)

The first of four EPs. This Limited Edition EP is sold out.
The songs will be available again at a later date.


The Order of the ReptileOrder of the Reptile
2006 || Dancing Ferret Records (US) || Purchase CD

1. Weave (Download song)
2. Burn Witch Burn (Download song) (Watch live video)
3. Smothered
4. Aviary (Download song) (Watch video)
5. Save Your Serpent (Download song)
6. Severine (Download song) (Watch live video)
7. World of Shame
8. The Foolish Man Who Has No Home
9. Seventy-Nine
10. Raise Your Red Flags (Download song)
11. Afterhours

Water to the DeadOrder of the Reptile
2004 || Dancing Ferret Records (US) || Purchase CD

1. Water to the Dead (Download song)
2. 16 Miles (Download song)
3. Above The Soil (Isabel's Version) (Download song)
4. Isabel
5. Mandala
6. The Breach
7. Hurricane (Download song)
8. Axis
9. Traveling Son
10. Wolves (Download song)
11. Wayfairing Stranger

2001 || Dancing Ferret Records (US) || SOLD OUT

1. A Different Kind of Loss
2. Hydra
3. Second Skin (Download song)
4. Drown Like You (Download song)
5. The Ocean Beside Us (Download song)
6. The Map Is Not the Territory
7. Song to the Divine
8. Blind Arms
9. Too Many Empty Nests
10. I Live on Whats Left (Download song)
11. Aurora
12. The Explanation at the Center of it All

Dragonfly is currently sold out. A new pressing with additional
material will be available in the near future.

Songs From a Dead CitySongs From a Dead City
1999 || Self-Released || Purchase CD-R

1. Bourbon St. 4AM (Download song)
2. Release
3. Emerge
4. Underpass
5. The Thaw
6. Whole (Cold Verson)
7. The Theme from The Gorky Maze (Download Song)
8. After the Rain
9. Guns in the Ocean
10. Bourbon St. 4 AM (Sunrise Mix)

Songs From a Dead City is Ego Likeness' original
Four Track Demo.

The Trinity Project

The Trinity Project is an experimental/ spoken word/ instrumental side project from Steven Archer & Donna Lynch. As Trinity is in cold storage for the indefinite future, we have decided to make both albums available as free downloads.

The Subtle Movements of
the Entropy EngineSubtle Movements of the Entropy Engine

2002 || Self-Released || Download || Purchase CD

1. The Subtle Movements of the Entropy Engine
a. The Engine
b. Winter
c. Genesha's Mouse
2. 50 Degrees Longitude 85 Degrees Latitude
3. Soldiers and Tanks
4. Love Gesture
5. ...And Also Afrika
6. If I'm Not Careful I'll Start to Get Scared of the Walls
7. The Flock of 1000 Sparrows
8. Kam Tata' akhkhar
9. The World Below
10. Votive
11. Tornado
12. End

The Trinity Project: 1The Trinity Project: 1
2001 || Self-Released || Download

1. Entropy (Birth) The Rust
2. Spark
3. Bourbon St. 4 AM
4. Entropy (Swim) Burning in Lake Vostok
5. Paper
6. My Bones Splinter Like The Wood He Paints On
7. Finger in the Symptom
8. My Diary June 18th 1944
9. In Every Window A Candle In Every Heart a Stone
10. Birthright
11. Wake
12. After the Rain
13. The Theme from The Gorky Maze
14. Belles Roses- Entropy (The China Flower)
15. Rebirth

The Trinity Project: Live
2001 || Self-Released || Download

1. Entropy (Birth) The Rust
2. Do Not Mistake The Ocean For A Plaything
3. The Flock of 1000 Sparrows
4. If I'm Not Careful I'll Start To Get Scared of The Walls
5. Everything The Priest Said Is a Lie
6. The Engine
7. Winter
8. Bones II
9. Kam Tata Akhkhar
10. 50 Degrees Longitude, 85 Degrees Latitude
11. Ocean Reprise

Trinity live was organic electronica. Some songs were completely free form, while others maintained a loose structure. These recordings were done at various shows over the course of the band's existence. They are an archive of happy and not so happy accidents.
The Trinity Project Live was Donna Lynch, Steven Archer, Justin (Dingo) Sabe and Alexx Lackey.

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